Cosas de la Vida (Things of life)

Cosas de la Vida is the best Spanish-language talk show, returns to Azteca America hosted by one of the best television journalists and beloved television personalities, Rocío Sánchez Azuara. After an absence from television for several years while she lived in Miami, Rocío returns to television with the best talk show, Cosas de la Vida.

Cosas de la Vida is the most successful talk show, having astonishing ratings in the late 1990s.  It is a program committed to helping people.  With the support of an excellent staff of professional investigators and researchers, Rocío Sánchez Azuara will present real-life cases that are sure to move everyone and will dig deep into the problems facing our society. Rocío Sánchez Azuara will talk with each of her panelists, showing compassion and working in earnest to find a solution for each of their situations. “Every problem in life has a solution except for death… everything else is just a part of living…”

Cosas de la Vida

Ya Cayó Renovado (He felt down)

Ya Cayó Renovado is a hidden-camera practical joke show for the whole family.  Light-hearted pranks are played on celebrities, who are unwittingly placed in funny, amusing and unexpected situations.

Be careful – our cameras can be anywhere in this re-charged and renewed show.

Ya Cayo

Ventaneando America (Ventaneando America)

Ventaneando continues to deliver on hot celebrity news from all over the U.S. and Mexico exclusively to Azteca America.  Iconic hostess, Pati Chapoy, and her team, Atala Sarmiento, Daniel Bisogno, Jimena Pérez and Pedro Sola, serve up the hottest celebrity coverage.  With more exclusive stories, more surprising gossip and scandalous secrets, what more could viewers ask for? To add to its success, Ventaneando America has added Southern California and South Florida mobile units to capture more paparazzi stories about viewer’s favorite Hispanic celebrities.


Extranormal de Impacto (Paranormal)

Extranormal de Impacto uncovers incidents of paranormal phenomena, presenting the most astonishing stories, testimonies and experiences imaginable.

Friday nights will never be the same again after Extranormal de Impacto probes the unknown and reveals startling details of events beyond our understanding.


Dificil de creer (Hard to beleive)

DIFICIL DE CREER explores all things paranormal.  Suspend your disbelief as you’re entertained by freaks of nature, unsolved mysteries and ancient prophecies in this riveting half hour hosted by Sergio Sepúlveda.


Los 25 más (The 25 most...)

Los 25+ has a new look! It is a clever countdown ranking the top 25 celebrities in categories ranging from Most Kissable Lips to Best Celebrity Pet to Most Scandalous Cleavage.  For the list-lover in everyone, zany categories and funny clips make this one amusing hour, hosted by Maria Ines, with colorful commentary by Rosario Murrieta.

Los 25 mas

Vidas al Límite (Lifes to the limit)

They’ve achieved fame, fortune and notoriety. However, many celebrities have come face-to-face with strong emotional misfortunes.

Vidas al Límite covers the most intriguing celebrity scandals, tragedies, controversial relationships and homicides. Our viewers will get an inside look at stars who have pushed their lives to the limit, including: Marylin Monroe, Pedro Armendariz, Lupe Vélez, Anna Nicole Smith and more! Hosted by María José.

vidas al limite

Lo que la gente cuenta (What people tells)

Terror and suspense draw the viewer into amazing tales of people who swear they’ve experienced paranormal encounters in their lives. The stories in the third season of Lo que la Gente Cuenta are more astonishing than ever and the supernatural beings at the center of each story will keep viewers glued to the screen.

New ghosts and spirits are waiting to be seen, but only the most fearless viewers can witness the unexplained and experience the intensity of…“Lo que la Gente Cuenta”.

Lo que la gente cuenta

La Historia detráz del mito (The story behind the myth)

For those who have even wondered what’s behind an urban legend, they won’t have to any more. Hosted by Atala Sarmiento, La Historia Detrás del Mito is the show that puts a microscope up to the most widely and wildly circulated celebrity myths and legends. Viewers will be left amazed as celebrities, supported by dramatized reenactments, divulge for the first time ever, their own version of the story behind the story.

Historias Detras

Historias Engarzadas (Life stories)

Beautiful entertainment reporter Mónica Garza conducts engaging, one-on-one interviews combined with investigative journalism, to deliver a unique spin on entertainment news. Mónica’s list of interviews reads like a “Who's Who” of international Hispanic stars, including, Alejandra Guzmán, Andrés García, Humberto Zurita, Ricky Martin, Paulina Rubio, Julio César Chávez, Lucía Méndez, José José, Los Temerarios, Joan Sebástian, Jenni Rivera, Vicente and Alejandro Fernández to name a few.

Never backing down from the tough questions, audiences are sure to feel up close and personal with the stars they want to know because of the joyful yet heartbreaking lives that each have to tell.

Historias Engarzadas
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