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Noticiero Azteca Info 7 (Azteca News info 7)

Live from Northern Mexico, “INFO 7” Wakes Houston and Dallas Up Each Morning

Azteca 51 Houston and Azteca 55 Dallas cross-border sister station now provides content targeted to Houston’s Mexican population

Popular Early Morning Newscast INFO 7 is produced by TV Azteca’s in Monterrey, Mexico covering all of Northern Mexico and now adds Dallas and Houston, Texas.  INFO 7’s include topical news and information for both Houston and Dallas viewers.  Culturally relevant news will now be available every Monday - Friday from 6-8AM connecting viewers to home!

Top international, domestic and regional news, weather and entertainment variety collectively engage Houston and Dallas viewers, while directly connecting them with their friends and family in Mexico.

Info 7

Al Extremo (To the Extreme)

Al Extremo is the show on Azteca America that dares to say and show what other programs won’t.

Hosting Al Extremo is a trio of television’s best: Juan Barragán, Aline Hernández, María Teresa Alessandri and Gaby Craussus.

Al Extremo redefines the television news magazine genre, intensifying it as it takes the viewer on a wild ride through the most astonishing events taking place around the globe.  The best stories reflect what is currently happening on the edges.

Human interest pieces, police stories, crime tales, miraculous events, the best in entertainment news and all the scandal that can fit on a television screen…

Al Extremo is a daily, one-hour program that promises to take your senses to Al Extremo.

Al Extremo

Noticiero Nacional Azteca America (Azteca America National News)

Azteca America’s new national newscast Noticiero Nacional Azteca America is anchored by the journalists Roberto Ruiz and Christian Lara.  With his fresh, accurate, and bold style, he will present the most important news of the day – stories relevant to the Latino community in the United States as well as news from Mexico, Latin America, and the rest of the world.

Noticiero Nacional Azteca America is produced with the most talented news team at Azteca Noticias, including respected journalist Armando Guzman, whose vast experience and incisive reporting have earned him the trust of Latinos in the United States. 

Noticiero Nacional Azteca America –the experience and professionalism you trust to bring you the most up-to-the-minute information.

Noticiero nacional

Noticiero Azteca Phoenix (Azteca America Phoenix News)

‪All the news and information on the issues that matter most to the Latin community can be found in the new Noticiero Azteca Phoenix, anchored by respected journalist Juan Carlos Barajas with unmatched professionalism, trustworthiness, and a commitment to presenting the events of the day that most affect the city and its surrounding areas.‬

Committed to keeping the Latin community informed, Noticiero Azteca Phoenix is a fresh and brisk newscast that looks at important issues such as health, immigration, education, and the best and latest economic data that affect viewers’ bottom line.

Juan Carlos Barajas is backed by a great team of broadcast professionals that includes seasoned reporters and commentators belonging to the most important news organization in Latin America, Azteca Noticias.  Joining him are Greta Rojas and Esteban Macías with the best in sports and entertainment news, respectively.

The stories that affect you most and the news that happens in your community are what you’ll find on the new Noticiero Azteca Phoenix – news at your service.

Noticiero Azteca Americ Phoenix

Noticiero Azteca America Texas (Azteca America Texas News)

A sophisticated Newscast  comes to Texas! Azteca America and Una Vez Mas, provide Texas audiences with a dynamic Regional newscast packed with  “Fuerza Informativa, ” featuring: 

News Anchor: Jenny Gallego

Jenny is a Journalist from the University of Manizales in Colombia. In 2004, two of her newscasts were nominated for EMMY awards under the category of Best Newscast; Noticiero Azteca America Texas, is news that provides local viewers with the latest in Sports, Entertainment, Health, Community Issues and top-of-the-minute information.

Noticiero Azteca Texas

Noticiero Azteca America Las Vegas (Azteca America Las Vegas News)

Azteca America and Una Vez Mas, provides the Las Vegas audiences with a dynamic Local News program  packed with “Fuerza Informativa,”  featuring: 

News Anchor:  Jenny Gallego; Noticiero Azteca America Las Vegas, is news that provides local viewers with the latest in Sports, Entertainment, Health, Community Issues and top-of-the-minute information.

Noticiero Azteca Las Vegas

Noticiero Azteca America Altanta (Azteca America Atlanta News)

Welcome to Atlanta’s First Local Spanish Language Broadcast news on Broadcast television…Noticiero Azteca America Atlanta!

Azteca America Atlanta the first ever, thirty minute local news on broadcast television, catering and focusing on the needs of Georgia’s Hispanic/Latino community.

Noticiero Azteca Atlanta

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