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Cambio de Vida (A Change of Life)

Cambio de Vida is a primetime dramatic series about men, their problems, emotions and insecurities. This edgy, new show depicts everyday situations concerning men, but is targeted toward a mixed audience. Each hour episode addresses a different topic, such as money, relationships with women, sexuality, health, family issues, and aging— issues men worry about, but rarely discuss openly.

Shot and produced entirely in Mexico by TV Azteca and the creator of the hit show Lo Que Callamos las Mujeres (What Women Don’t Say), Cambio de Vida has become one of the most-watched series in Mexico and is sure to be a hit with U.S. Hispanic viewers.

Cambio de Vida

La Vida es una Canción (Life is like a song)

If every song tells a story, then La Vida es una Canción is the show that brings our favorite tunes to life. In each one-hour episode, radio DJs Adrián and Georgie take a special call that weaves into an intricate, dramatic story.

Featuring timeless classics, characters dramatize the stories within the lyrics that we love so well.  Each episode wraps up with Adrián and Georgie, DJ’s who’ve seen and heard it all, but still can’t stop the music.

La vida es una cancion

Lo que callamos las Mujeres (What women will keep silent)

Lo que Callamos las Mujeres tells the most dramatic and heartrending stories taken from women’s everyday lives.

A television series known for its great performances, Lo que Callamos las Mujeres has become one of the most successful programs in Latin America. Issues such as infidelity, anorexia, sexual abuse, domestic violence and discrimination are addressed in one-hour episodes.

Every episode of Lo que Callamos las Mujeres presents the biggest challenges facing women in their daily struggle.

Lo que callamos las Mujeres

El Milagro de los Santos (Miracles of the Saints)

A powerful and inspiring program, El Milagro de los Santos is an anthology series about searching for faith and hope.

El Milagro de los Santos comes at a time of uncertainty and instability, when it is important to believe that things can get better and that we are capable of transformation.  Its message of hope is more welcome than ever.

Saints are a part of everyday life for Hispanics, be they in the form of an image on a holy card kept inside a purse or wallet, in a neighborhood street corner, or even as a part of popular sayings and expressions. Often a saint will answer a prayer in the most dire circunstance to renew a belief in miracles.

Never before seen on television, this program comes only to Azteca América to prove that sometimes faith can move a mountain.

El Milagro de los Santos

Cielo Rojo (Red Sky)

Cielo Rojo  tells the passionate story of Alma, a strong woman determined to get from life what she thinks she is owed.  She was once madly in love with Andrés, but destiny tore them apart.

Twenty years later, Alma is determined to find the daughter she had with Andrés before his mother took away the child.  Andrés lives a life of quite despair, embittered after having married a woman he does not love and who hides a terrible secret.

Alma and Andrés come together once again, unleashing a whirlwind of deception, lies, guilt, and missteps – chief among them, their daughter Daniela falling in love with Sebastián, Andrés’ supposed son. Passion, intrigue, ambition, duty, and deception work to keep them apart as Alma and Andrés struggle for their love under the red sky of Cielo Rojo.

Cielo rojo
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